Historical Crisis: America

Constant changes in the American cabinet have further brought about distrust in the American governing system. An appeal was written by members of the American public, here at the international press office we have been able to get a hold of this appeal for our dear readers.


Our nation has been stolen from us by the military elite. They dragged us into a pointless war, killed our children in pursuit of their own glory, and seized control of the state apparatus. The latest failure in Havana has made it absolutely clear that we must act now before more lives are lost.

Six score and one year ago, when our fore-fathers framed our beloved constitution they looked to antiquity for inspiration and lessons to learn from history. They studied the Roman Republic and saw in its demise a worthy lesson for all those who sought a nation.

Many of our Founding Fathers worshipped the character of Cato, who chose suicide over submission to the tyrant, Julius Caesar. These figures knew the correct course of action as they applauded the decision of the Republicans to slay the would-be king. Their cry was one which recalled the glory and civic virtues of their Republic.

This has been the motto glorious state of the glorious state of Virginia, like our forefathers we will heed the lessons of history. We will slay the tyrants who now reside in Washington and bring back our Republic. The states of Alabama, Virginia, Florida, Georgia, California, Michigan, and New Jersey know that they are on the right side of history, we ask all of our countrymen to join us in this crusade as we march on Washington.

Sic Semper Tyrannis!

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