ECOSOC, Day 2, Update 5

New motion: Tackling All Forms of Ageism is introduced.

France professes that they simply do not have room for ageism in society and asks for the delegates to consider the age difference between Macron and his wife. Singapore makes a passionate claim that “we are all discriminating ourselves” and that “we are corrupt individuals who only care about ourselves” whilst Switzerland responds by reminding Singapore that “they are not Milton Friedman’s son”.

A 10:00-minute unmoderated caucus allows for free discussion between the delegates and the for the possible drafting of resolutions. A working paper is proposed, yet it is overwhelmingly disputed. Instead, we enter another 9:00-minute unmoderated caucus.

A new primary speakers list is created with the speaking time of 1:00-minute, beginning with Singapore. China proclaims the “horror of violent death is what keeps society” but that people should have a choice in whether they choose between social support from government or a private pension. The delegate adds that people should have rights to help themselves.

Working Paper 2 is presented by Switzerland and includes points such as:

  • Creating more programmes that employ young people
  • Urging all nations to adopt a three-pillar pension system
  • Recommends that all nations abolish any Default Retirement Age
  • Urges countries to increase support for charities and NGO’s that aim to reduce ageism and generational clashes
  • Promotes the use of technology in the provision of care for the elderly in countries that are able to afford it – encourages the use of the internet and other related technologies by the elderly.



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