Britain: ‘the people in Afhanistan have ‘suffered so much’. But your hads afre not clead in this, UK.

In NATO, we hear that the US and UK are grateful to others for their contribution to the war in Afghanistan, wishing to ‘take the fight to the Taliban’*.

However, YOU took a bread basket to the Taliban and gave them help. YOU built them tunnels, you armed the Mujuhadeen, It was YOU, in your paranoia over the Red scare and the looney left in Russia and the East, who armed the Taliban and gave weaponry to Muhammed Omar.

WHAT DID YOU EXPECT? That there would be a peace garden built in your memory? NO! They destabilised Afghanistan and put a terror organisation in charge of the Afghan Government, then bomb it and ask ‘I didn’t expect it to get this bad, why is it this way, let me ask an expert. Tony Blair, could you explain this to me?’

Margaret Thatcher called Omar a ‘freedom fighter’ and Reagan invited them into the White House. SEE? Nothing they said about going in in the early years was true. The Tunnels Trump bombed gratuitously with the ‘Mother of All Bombs’ was built by the CIA.

I rest my case.

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