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Muslims should not be held as scapegoats for Daesh

Recently, there has been a significant rise in the number of hate crimes against Muslims in the UK since the horrific terror attacks that took place in Paris, Lebanon and many other places recently. People have been associating the entire Muslim population with the so called “Islamic State” that claimed responsibility for the attacks, but what they do not seem to understand is how ISIS, or Daesh, is neither Islamic nor a state.

Daesh was born out of a war-torn zone, funded by external powers indirectly such as USA enabling their rapid growth. It first began in Iraq very unsuccessfully and then moved to Syria and gained power in the fight against Al-Assad which was not a holy war.

The group was started in 1999, however the Islamic State was not declared until 2006. The so-called “Islamic State” use a distorted interpretation of Islam to attempt to sympathise with other extremists; they try to create a caliphate all over the world under their aims which is not related to what the Muslim population wants nor stands for.

Daesh try to achieve their goal of framing this as a fight pitting Islam against the West, when in reality it is not; people need to understand that it is not Islam versus the West, rather all of us versus Daesh.

This terrorist group claims to represent Islam, yet it can be argued that the number one victim of this group of terrorists is Muslims. ISIS has brutally murdered thousands of Muslims across the Middle East, but these acts of terror are scarcely covered by western media, which can be extremely selective with what is widely published, as spreading the fact that they have indeed murdered numerous Muslims over the years severely weakens the cause of some narrower-minded publications.

Daesh has executed three Sunni women in Mosul because they refused to provide medical care to Daesh fighters; they executed a Sunni Imam in Western Mosul because he refused to swear loyalty to the Islamic State; they abducted and beheaded a Muslim man who refused to swear allegiance; they murdered a female Muslim doctor in the South of Mosul when she organised a protest to object to Daeshs mandate that female doctors cover their faces with religious veils when treating patients; they have executed 19 Sunni Muslim men in Saadiya when they refused to swear allegiance; they killed another Sunni Imam in Eastern Baquba when he denounced Daesh; they executed two Muslim women for an unknown “crime”. The “Islamic State” has also bombed several mosques, yet they claim they are representing Islam.

Daesh has caused a great deal of the West to believe that Islam is the root of the problem and that Islam is generally a violent religion, when in reality it is not. It is just a religion like any other.

Prophet Muhammad’s commands in wars were to not a cut a tree; not to kill a child, a woman, a sick person, the elderly, a monk or a priest, or those who have surrendered; not to destroy a temple, a church, or a building; to be good to prisoners; and to not enforce Islam. This is what Islam preaches and it is quite clear that what Daesh stands for is the exact opposite. Finally, it is wrong to liken the so-called “Islamic State” as one could argue that holding Islam accountable for this group’s acts is equivalent to holding other religions accountable for such atrocities the KKK, the Holocaust, and many more. Governments have also committed just as many, if not more, horrendous acts of terror. 

It is time for people to acknowledge the fact that terrorism indeed has no religion, and Islam should not be affiliated with this extremist militant group.

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