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You can ChangeIt!

ChangeIt! is an online system that allows the students of the University of Reading to voice their opinions and concerns about University life and allows them to influence decisions made concerning the University.

This fairly new system replaces the previous system of ‘The Student Voice’ and has already proved to have more popularity amongst students. Students can submit their ideas and suggestions on the website or support others’ ideas by voting for them. These ideas are then discussed by the student officers who decide whether issues need more public opinion, determine what type of issue it is and decide the best course of action to take.

There are many possible courses of action that include: the Student Officer team undertaking the idea for change right away, the idea being referred back to a particular student group or putting the idea up for debate to gain more student opinion. Other options include a campaign priority vote and a policy vote, which need 200 votes in order to pass. The Student Officer team can also choose to decide that the idea will not be taken on at this moment in time.

The most recent ‘ChangeIt!’ meeting was held on Monday 25 November, where many ideas put forward by students were debated and discussed. Most of the concerns raised were recognised as problems and work is now underway to solve these. Ideas that are being developed include: more activities for non-drinkers in Halls, general purpose lockers for students on campus, installing a Wi-Fi access point for the Stephen Lawrence Media Centre and a safety bus for RUSU bar staff on their union shifts. The Student Officers are currently looking into how to improve these issues however all actions have a maximum of two years for completion.

The remaining issues would either be put to a vote or would not be taken on at this moment in time. The last ‘ChangeIt!’ vote took place between Monday 28 October and Friday 1 November 2013. The campaign priority vote results showed that the idea for a cash machine by Park Reception was most popular. The idea, originally put forward by second year Biology student Niall Hamilton, will now be a priority Campaign for RUSU over the next 2 years, or until completion.

The last vote for Policy Ideas and Campaign Ideas was held between Monday 2 December and Friday 6 December 2013.

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