WATCH: Starving students brought supplies as occupation enters fourth day


STUDENTS who have now been in Whiteknights for three days were brought supplies after the university  refused to allow anyone to enter the building.

A student with a food package can be seen standing on a wall in an attempt to deliver much-needed supplies to the protesters who have been in the building since Monday morning.

A post on the society’s Facebook page, said: “This video is evidence of when security tried to pull a friend down from the wall when he was trying to give us food right at the start (when we were told we weren’t allowed to eat; we thought we would starve), and the ensuing moments pulling it up. We have videos of security using force upstairs as well.”

More to follow…

Emer Scully

Print Editor and third year English Literature student. An experienced student journalist she spends her spare time teaching herself shorthand and reading the latest news. Massive fan of Game of Thrones and is worried about those who say they do not like it.

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