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Theresa May calls for general election

Theresa May announced yesterday a snap general election, which will be take place on the 8th of June. As she herself asserted, she did so in order to secure a Tory majority during Brexit negotiations.

May claimed that the division existing in the House of Commons can hamper Brexit, and aims to a larger majority of Tory seats, which would give more freedom of movement to the Government by reducing internal debate.

However risky this statement may seem, Theresa May is not being too bold, by the looks of the results of recent polls. Some of them give an advantage of more than 25% to Tories over Labours, which is the highest since these polls began in 1983.

With only fifty days to turn the tables, Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign team has started to work ferociously. Five minutes after May’s announcement, an email was sent to all Labours asking for an extraordinary effort during this campaign, and reminding them that ‘Together we can work to ensure the British people vote for a government that will put the interests of the majority first’.


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