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Study finds the ‘selfie’ is actually a confidence-boosting tool

In an unlikely twist on everything we know about life, Kim Kardashian actually supports something that might be good for our sense of self-worth: the selfie. Although still an outlet for narcissism, new research shows that the selfie may actually be a confidence-boosting tool.

Conducted by Transform Cosmetic Surgery, the study found that selfies increase both happiness and self-appreciation, which helps boost the way we operate.

What’s more, 25-34 year olds are reported to love their bodies the most, with the age group spending approximately £63 a month on health and cosmetic products.

Steven Taylor from Transform Cosmetic Surgery said: “It is interesting, but not surprising, to see that looks and image are very important to young people. We’re not sure whether this has always been the case or if it has, in recent times, been heavily influenced by the onset and proliferation of social media profiles and platforms.”

So important is image to young people that selfie hybrids have even emerged, namely the ‘bum selfie’, or belfie, and gym selfie. These, however, have now brought weight issues even closer to the forefront of society. Indeed, many of those surveyed rated their bellies as the least favourite part of their bodies owing to the constant barrage of defined abs and weight loss stories that seem to dominate mainstream media.

Nevertheless, the original selfie has been shown to hold promising benefits for young people. So let the selfie serve as a mode of self-affirmation, rather than a way to tear yourself down.

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