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Students take part in food diversity review

We are currently planning our third Food taster group!! The first two went well and we have received really good feedback! The first event was hosted on the 20th of November we discussed some of the hot meals and homemade meal opens the catering outlet. Several topics were discussed regarding hot meals, this included prices, quantity, and quality. We also spoke about the importance of alternating the menu to offer more choices for our diverse community we have here in the University. We also wanted to ensure that we have affordable options for our students. We also discussed the possibility of having a free coffee with a meal plan. Other than the food options, we mentioned a campus card App, making allergens/nutritional information available online, and finally, we spoke about how it would be great if we could see what is being offered in the catering outlets with online menus so that students know exactly what is offered in areas near them. 

The second Food group was very successful we had a large turnout and discussed packaged meals. This included planet-based packaging and the price of the already prepped sandwiches and ready meals. One key aspect that was mentioned is that students or more conscious about the food quality and the majority of students wanted healthier options over deep-fried food. The University Catering Team are working towards removing deep fat fryers from all outlets as they continue to increase the amount of food made on-site. 


During the first meeting, we asked students to take part in a survey, this resulted in 6 key points listed below. 


  • 50% said that food was an important factor when choosing a University. 
  • 100% said that food was important to Academic success. 
  • We need to advertise more and shout louder about what we offer. 
  • Quality and Taste are the most important factors for students. 
  • Overall satisfaction score of 4 out of 5. 
  • Variety of menus the is where we need to focus. 


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