Society Spotlight: UoR’s Hip-Hop Society

A Little Bit About Us

The University of Reading Hip-Hop society (U.R.H.H.S) officially started in September 2014 by myself and Ashleen La Malfa Donaldson (Vice President). After both being introduced to a set of charismatic personalities, our current committee was forged. The society was created to unite students through a mutual appreciation of Hip-Hop and showcase its culture. As an outsider looking in, Reading struck me as a location that didn’t appear to be ‘culturally equipped’. It was thus my primary motivation to establish a group that introduced and involved a new culture into the community. Music amongst many things compels people to unite and I truly believe that this society would bring the multitude of Hip-Hop enthusiasts together. Now with close to 200 likes and over 60 on-line members within the first four weeks of its launch, we have ultimately been successful in our first year here at the University.

Why join Hip-Hop Society?

The Hip-Hop movement has generally received a negative reception due to the substantial amount of prejudice surrounding the topic and scepticism in engaging with the culture simply based on misunderstandings perpetuated in the media. Here at the U.R.H.H.S we necessitate acceptance of integration in order to break free from the predominant stereotype insinuating that the culture of a black demographic is confined to that demographic alone. This society has a community atmosphere like no other; surrounding yourself with individuals that not only appreciate and respect your distinctive perception but treat you as one of their own. If you want experiences and a platform that can consistently be improved this is the society for you. We will relentlessly put on bold events, showcases and socials that will showcase talent on campus and in Reading—not to mention provide access to an assortment of rather well tailored or ‘dope’ merchandise.

How can you join the Hip Hop Society?

Our Membership scheme is outlined as follows: Inland Hip-Hop Society members (students) £6.15 and Outland Hip-Hop Society members (non-student) £8.15. Individuals can sign up directly via the RUSU student activities board under ‘Hobbies and Interest’. You can also sfind us on Facebook and Twitter both under University of Reading Hip-Hop Society. Members are kept up to date with regular emails to their University accounts, informing them  of upcoming events, activities and related freebies like vintage records, concert tickets and clothing throughout the academic year.

  • U.R.H.H.S like page:
  • U.R.H.H.S membership page:
  • UOR Hip-Hop Society Twitter page:

Upcoming Events

  1. Grand Summer Event – ‘Underground J.A.M’

A showcase of young artists amongst students in all shapes and forms e.g. rappers, singers, dancers etc.

  1. Spoken word – ‘Night of the Poetic Purge’
  2. Themed socials
  3. Fashion streetwear show/Art exhibit
  4. Trips to live performances of artists such as Flatbush Zombies x The Underachievers, Logic and the O2’s Wireless line-up in the summer

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