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Schools in Reading will face ‘devastating’ funding cuts

According to the National Union of Teachers (NUT), by 2020, schools in Reading will lose more than £6 million of funding, approximately £350 per pupil. Scores of teachers will lose their jobs because of real term funding cuts, there will be lesser money for resources and it will be much more difficult to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum.

The NUT also mentioned that the Government is freezing per pupil funding because of inflation and also hiking the cost of employer pension and national insurance contributions. Joan Boyd, NUT divisional secretary, mentioned that students with special educational needs will suffer when money for specialist resources, teachers and support staff is reduced.

However, Department of Education (DoE) denounced these claims and has accused the NUT of irresponsible scaremongering. Education Secretary, Justine Greening has announced that she is planning to introduce a new school funding formula in 2018.

It is estimated that the worst affected schools in Reading are John Madejski Academy, with £962 cut per pupil and Kendrick School, with £620 cut per pupil. Katesgrove Primary School will also face £555 cut per pupil and The Ridgeway Primary School will face £496 cut per pupil.

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