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RUSU Says Relax: The Farm

RUSU Says Relax is Reading University Student Union’s annual campaign, which aims to encourage students to take a break from revision during the busy exams period and instead focus on their mental well being.

The RUSU Says Relax petting farm is back and on campus from 10-3 pm today, the 9th May.


The RUSU Says Relax scheme is induced to help students relieve some of their stress by enjoying time with happy and calm farm animals. Revising and studying always hold the risk of being overbearing and often cause huge amounts of stress for anyone, however students when cramming for exams experience this to the full.

If you need a break from revision or just some animal love then make sure you come down to the Quad today, and on other days, spend breaks from revising with loved ones, having fun with friends and giving yourself some down time.

There are many more events coming up soon, such as the Art Therapy session making hama beads tomorrow from 1-3 pm in the RUSU boardroom. In the evening tomorrow also, there is a Jazz and Cocktails event in Mojo’s at 7:30 pm.

During next Tuesday there are also two events happening throughout the day. The first one being yogalates from 6-7 pm in Wessex Hall, which continues into a Yoga session from 7-8 pm in the same place.

Come along to these amazing stress relieving events to take your mind of revising, and enjoy some calming activities.

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