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Photo Credit: Amelia Bocutt

Reading: The Story

Once-upon-a-time in the green hills of Berkshire there lay a University campus that was quite unlike any other. With beautiful open spaces, this was a place that attracted many, from both near and distant lands. Students were happy, lecturers magnificent and life was good.

Idyllic, right? This is how every story begins, life is perfect, the characters have nothing to worry about, and things are easy. However something always seems to go wrong along the way. We stumble upon a crossroads, a turning point, something that complicates life in such an utterly rubbish way.

Maybe you’re at this stage? Maybe this is to come? Or maybe what I’m saying is bringing up memories of a time that has long since passed? Either way, if you could somehow find an answer to all of your troubles, a way to make your story that little bit more bearable, a hope in something far bigger and better, wouldn’t YOU?

As part of Reading University Christian Union (RUCU) we’d love to invite you along to our events week. This is such a great opportunity to discover something new, meet people who you may not ordinarily meet and just to have a bit of a laugh. We have a ton of amazing events during the week, including FREE lunch bars, an Acoustic Night and a Cheese and Wine evening!

Please come along and re-write YOUR story today.

All of our events will be held in ‘The Big Tent’ in Car Park 4, outside The Study.

For more info find us on Facebook @Reading: the STORY.



Photo Credit: Amelia Bocutt

Photo Credit: Amelia Bocutt

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