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Professor Noam Chomsky to discuss Trump presidency and Brexit in public lecture at University of Reading

This May, world-renowned academic and fierce critic of Donald Trump, Professor Noam Chomsky will visit the University of Reading to give the Albert Wolters Annual Lecture on the state of western democracy.

Professor Chomsky is one of the most critically engaged public intellectuals alive today. He has influenced the fields of linguistics, psychology, philosophy, and politics in his career of more than 60 years in academia.

The public talk, entitled ‘Racing for the Precipice: Is the Human Experiment Doomed?’, will take place 100 days into Trump’s presidency on May 10.


In the lecture, Professor Chomsky will be discussing about the state of western democracy: Brexit, Trump presidency and other similar developments across Europe. He will also contextualize the topics in relation to human behaviour and what they signify.


Professor Jason Rothman, Professor of Literacy and Multilingualism at the University of Reading said:


“It is beyond an honour to host Professor Chomsky here at the University of Reading. His work in linguistics has been the gold standard for nearly 60 years, having completely changed the way in which we understand and investigate language as well as the human mind more generally.


“Whether or not one agrees with any particular ideas, nobody would deny the influence of Professor Chomsky’s work on literally hundreds of those of scholars throughout the world over the past six decades of his career.


“Without Professor Chomsky, the fields of linguistics, cognitive science, psychology, and political science would be very different from what we know them to be today. As far as academics go, he is the closest thing to a bona fide celebrity that we have.”


Professor Chomsky will also be awarded the Distinguished Visiting Professorship by the University of Reading, recognising his influential role in his field.


Professor Laurie Butler, head of the School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences, said:

“The Albert Wolters Annual Lecture has seen some of the finest minds in the field of linguistics visit the University of Reading to inspire future generations.”


“With Professor Chomsky’s work in psychology and linguistics, it is a natural fit and a great honour to award him with a Distinguished Visiting Professorship from the University of Reading, with its leading role in psychology and clinical language sciences and our interdisciplinary approach to health research.”


For those who are interested, you can register your interest in attending the public lecture at: http://www.reading.ac.uk/news-and-events/events/events-noam-chomsky-lecture.aspx.

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