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Loan situation for EU applicants in post-Brexit Britain

The government has recently confirmed that EU applicants who start their undergraduate, master’s, postgraduate and advance learner’s course in academic year starting September 2018 will be eligible for financial support, with the same conditions they enjoyed in previous years.

The government has also emphasised that students granted with a loan will be guaranteed financial aid until the end of their studies, even if Britain is no longer part of the European Union.

This scenario is quite probable, especially if we consider that the limit imposed by the Treaty of Lisbon to leave the EU is two years after announcing the withdrawal, and undergraduate students will take at least three years to finish their studies. This decision has been welcomed by many UK universities, which feared the effect of Brexit in many European students. In Reading University, around 7% of undergraduate students are European, and this figure increases for postgraduate students. Many of them have a student loan, and the number of applications received by the University from EU countries could be dramatically reduced if these students were not been given financial support.

The importance of EU students was stressed by the Universities and Science Minister Jo Jonson:

‘A key part of our success is attracting talent from across the globe. This will provide reassurance to the brightest minds from across Europe to continue applying to study in the UK, safe in the knowledge financial assistance is available if needed.’

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