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Keeping your bicycle safe from thieving hands

Owning a bicycle can be useful for university students. UoR campus is really big and it makes it hard for you to reach your lecture building in time. Furthermore, traveling with a bike allows you to have extra sleep in the morning before your 9 am classes. Hence, it is important to keep your bicycle safe as careless owners might be horrified to discover that their bikes are stolen if they do not pay much attention.


1. Buy a bicycle lock

Get a good and sturdy bike lock for your bicycle. Although most good bike lock might be slightly costly, it is a good investment as you no longer have to worry about having your bike stolen.


2. Never leave your bike unattended

It is important that you never leave your bike around without locking it. You might think that you are only leaving it for just a moment while you grab something from the store but before you know it, your bicycle is gone!


3. Know your bike’s serial number

The first thing to do when you get a new bicycle is to jot down the serial number. Serial numbers are normally stamped on the seat tube, head tube, or the bicycle rear dropouts, where the wheel is mounted.


4. Give your bicycle an identifying mark Engrave your name or phone number on the bicycle frame. This helps in recovering your bicycle if it ever gets stolen and it also discourages thieves from stealing your bicycle.


Other than keeping your bicycle safe from thieves, it is also important that you check and fix your bike regularly. University of Reading offers regular Dr Bike sessions on campus where a mechanic will check and fix your bicycle for free, charging only for any parts that might be needed. For further information please check the uni’s website: https://www.reading.ac.uk/cleanandgreen/Whatcanyoudo/TravelandTransport/cag2-whatcanyoudo-travelandtransport-cycling.aspx

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