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Grow Up Great

By Ellie Wislden, 3rd Year Art & English Literature:

I am a student in my third year and I have been looking at how we label our children through the clothing we put them in but also how we label ourselves as adults . I have been making badges and stickers to emulate these ideas. The messages on my badges are inspirational, encouraging and have been described  as ‘saying the  things people should say but do not’.

Credit to Hannah Johnson, 3rd Year Art & English Literature

Credit to Hannah Johnson, 3rd Year Art & English Literature

I have been hiding badges around campus and in public places for strangers to find . I have done this  because  I want to spread  the message of love , acceptance and positivity which I feel is lacking  in the world at the moment (see Brexit and Donald Trump being elected President if you are not sure what I am referring to).

I am aiming to try and get as many people involved in the movement  as possible wearing  the badges and spreading happiness. If you would like to purchase a badge , discuss the project or  give me some advice  please contact me  through email.

Contact Ellie: ellie@yahoo.co.uk

Join The Movement On Instagram: @grow_up_great & @ewilsden30

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