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Full-Time and Part-Time Candidates Question Time

On Friday 17 February head on over to Monterey Lounge for the Full-Time Candidates Question Time.

Candidates Question Time is one of the most important parts of the elections process. It is a great opportunity for you, the voters, to find out about the candidates’ manifestos and see the potential members of RUSU face to face.

Part -Time Officer Candidates Question Time will be taking place on Friday between 2pm-4pm. Students will not be able to attend the event but will have the opportunity to watch the candidates respond to the questions submitted on a video stream. RUSU have also states the event will be published online after the event at www.rusu.co.uk/elections

The Full-Time Officer Question Time is taking place at 6pm in Cafe Mondial which YOU CAN ATTEND. The Spark encourages you to come along and find out more about the Full-time Officer candidates running in this year’s elections. Whilst there will also be a live feed on the night for those that are unable to attend, it’s up to you to interact and take part in your University life and history in the making!

Any questions for the candidates can be submitted online here: https://www.rusu.co.uk/elections/rusuelection/questiontime/

Photo Credit: RUSU

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