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Fresher’s Week Tip: How to deal with homesick

It could be tough for local or international students to study in universities that are miles away from home as one of the many problems that both local and international students face is homesickness. There is nothing to be ashamed with homesick and there are ways to cure it.

  1. Call home frequently

One efficient way to solve a problem is to face and tackle it directly. It is the same solution for homesickness. Call home frequently and talk to your family whenever you miss them. Furthermore, technology nowadays are very well developed that you can simply contact your family via Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, FB messenger free of charges.

  1. Getting more involved

Throwing yourself into the activities going on in the university is a great way to cure homesickness. There is surely an activity that interests you as there are lots of events, societies and charity works going on. You will find yourself focusing more on participating events and making your life in university meaningful.

  1. Make new friends

The main reason that you are feeling homesick is mostly because you are feeling lonely. Making new friends can help a lot when dealing with homesickness. Joining societies, participating in events or even working as a part timer will definitely open up new opportunities in meeting interesting people here in Reading.

  1. Talk to somebody professional

Homesickness can be a serious problem. If you feel that you are very much homesick and are struggling to cope with university life, feel free to talk to someone from the counselling department or even taking part in the wellbeing cafes in the university.

  1. Positive thinking

Think positively. Homesickness is just like any other anxiety as it will most likely generate negative feelings. Instead of feeling that you do not belong in this new environment, try to find new ways to fit into this new society. Positive energy will surely help you through any difficulties!

  1. There’s no place like home

Try decorating your accommodation just like the way you decorate your room back home. This will provide you some sense of belonging in a new and unfamiliar environment. Pictures of family and friends can also be arranged around in the room.

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