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Flavia Amaral and Bruna Silva came to the festival from Brazil. Credit: Emer Scully

Festival-goers fight against ‘angry’ crowds

The crowds at this year’s Reading Festival have now been described as both ‘tame’ and ‘angry’ after two Brazilian revellers were faced with an angry man, whom we’ll call Mr Evil Eye.

Flavia Amaral and Bruna Silva travelled to this years festival all the way from Brazil to see Muse tomorrow night (Sunday), but the pair were taken aback to discover the ‘tame’ crowd.

During Rewired’s set, Flavia describes how she was the only one jumping, and how Mr Evil Eye even went as far as to express his anger at what he clearly deemed far too much enjoyment.

What makes it worse is that the 29 year old was at the barrier in a position which is meant to be the most explosive and energetic during any set.

Speaking to The Spark, she said: “The crowd is so tame. I was jumping through Rewired and I was the only one and then this guy next to me was angry, because I was jumping.

“I asked him if he was really angry with me for jumping at a concert, because we were at the barrier. We’re from Brazil and we’ve never experienced anything like it.”

After making the journey from Brazil to see their favourite band, Muse, the women were left confused about what it was they could possibly have done wrong during the set.

The pair refused to let grumpy festival-goers ruin their experience, however; and with that in mind, they headed back to their luxury campsite, tucked themselves into their pods, and dreamt about the shower and breakfast they would get in the morning — but not before getting lost.

Flavie added: “We were very tired by the end of last night. We had carried our heavy bags for one hour in the morning, and then we tried to get to our tent, but we went round in a circle and ended up at the entrance again. This festival needs signs.

“We managed to find our tent in the end. We didn’t need a flag or anything because we’re in the pink moon camp, so it’s easy to find our pod when we got there, but it was hard to get there.

“It’s in white camp; we’re glamping. It was too daunting to camp because we were coming from Brazil and that’s a long way to bring a tent. We’re staying in a pod pad where they have showers and bathrooms and blow dryers and breakfast.

“Our first night was 10/10. We plan to sleep tonight to get to the barrier for Muse tomorrow. We’re going to bed early and we are not going to see Eminem — sorry to any Eminem fans.”

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