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FARC Farc up Big Time

Breaking news:

The Colombia cabinet has retired to the nearby town Medellin after the successful peace talks to have a ‘relaxing break with their family’.

In reality, several thousand FARC troops are marching on the capital in an attempt to destroy the government of Colombia. In response, the Colombian forces are on high alert in the capital city of Bogata and war is underway. FARC forces are outnumbered by the Colombian Armed Forces and their traditional guerrilla warfare tactics will not suffice in the city. FARC members will be annihilated and the movement may meet its demise after the events of this battle for Bogata.

An American Frigate has been deployed and will arrive in the area within hours, additionally, the UNSC has called an emergency meeting to diffuse the situation.

Radios are down…FARC are about to be wiped out.

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