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Ed Sheeran Fans are not Divided in their love for His Latest Album

CLEARLY The Spark committee aren’t the only members loving Ed Sheeran’s third studio album ‘÷’. Despite only being released three days ago, the lovable ginger is breaking Spotify steaming records once again.

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According to the streaming service, ‘÷’ racked up a total of 56,727,861 streams just within the first day! The single ‘Shape of You’ has received 7,052,158 global streams alone.

Sheeran’s tweets have suggested that his eager fans weren’t the only ones waiting for the album release: “It’s out! Bloody hell that feels good to say”.

Sheeran was later seen that day casually selling and buying his own album in Oxford Street’s HMV—talk about marketing! The English singer-songwriter from West Yorkshire previously confessed in an interview with GQ last month that he feels in competition with Adele. He was quoted in GQ as stating: “I’m not in competition [creatively] because we all sit in our own lanes, but once the creative product is out there is a race to the finish line.” It appears that Ed Sheeran is most definitely securing his “own lane” of success as the album continues to secure more and more streams and sales.

Admittedly I have not stopped listening to the album.  ‘÷’ is jam-packed with sincere and heartfelt lyrics—“Supermarket Flowers” being just one song that springs to mind. Whilst there are emotional tracks present on the album, they are accompanied by more upbeat melodies, ranging from the exotic-sounding “Bibia Be Ye Ye” to the Irish-inspired sounds in “Nancy Mulligan” and “Galway Girl”.

Despite his continually growing success, Ed doesn’t appear to have forgotten to appreciate the little things in life, tweeting just recently: “chicken for breakfast. wingz an dat”. Oh, Ed!







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