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Congratulations, 2017 Freshers!

Welcome, 2017 freshers, to the official news site for the Reading University Students’ Union!

Relax: the dread of waiting for your results is over, and you’ve successfully made it into the University of Reading! Well done!

At The Spark, we provide the latest news and information both on and off campus that will interest you. Our website uploads content regularly, and our colleagues print paper issues of The Spark roughly once every month, which circulate around campus.

We really hope that this is a great year for The Spark, with YOU writing for us, publishing some fantastic content! We hope to have more events, coverage, writers, and readers than ever this year! We rely on freelance writers; there’s no recurring obligation, and it’s a great thing to have on your CV! We also have the following positions open: Online News Editor, Online Sports Editor, Social Media Co-ordinator, and Photography Editor. If you are interested, please apply here: https://www.rusu.co.uk/surveys/76/

Leading up to the start of your first term, we’ll be publishing information every fresher needs to know, and we’ll have some great information in the print edition of the paper, which will be out on 16 September.  

Once again, congratulations on getting a place at the University of Reading, and make sure to stay tuned in to The Spark, RUSU’s radio station, Junction 11, and our video team, RU:ON TV for all the latest.

I hope you’re all looking forward to three or four years of all-nighters, life-long friends, snakebites, walks around Whiteknights lake and Harris Gardens, trips to the Oracle, and getting lost in the Edith Morley building!

Remember to enjoy every second of it, because, trust me, the three years fly by…


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