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Photo credit: Mike Massaro

Bestival 2017 mirrors the eclecticism of the mainstream music charts

As we continue to see the face of music in the chart change, arguably more so over the last twelve months than for a long time prior, it seems only fitting that the music festival, Bestival, adopts a new venue to mark this refreshing resurgence of a more liberal music market.


Photo credit: Sion Roe

Looking at today’s UK Top-40, it is perhaps astounding to think there would be a time when grime artists would share the same fans as indie-electronic artists. However, with this reality in mind, it should come as no surprise that the Bestival 2017 line-up mirrors the eclecticism of the mainstream music charts.

Boasting acts which range from Bassline Junkie, Dizzee Rascal’s breakbeats, to Lucy Rose’s mellifluous acoustic, the music event to conclude the 2017 summer season appeals to as wide an audience than ever before.

Indeed, it’s new location of Lulworth Estate, Dorset, is a tempting setting to exchange exam stress for the ambient sounds of some of the UK’s leading music makers.

So whether ‘a heavy bassline’ is your kind of silence, or a sense of nostalgia kicks in at the return of The XX’s soothing, sombre sonic, Bestival invites you in to a enjoy a luxury line-up. With its ‘beautiful new home with a massive castle in the middle of it, acres of beautiful woodland and forest, a sea view and the dramatic Jurassic coastline’ [Rob da Bank], Bestival provides the ideal scene for such an event. So why not let the dazzling blend of music, which spans ethereal folk melodies to Toddla T’s Carnival Anthems be the soundtrack to your summer 2017.


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