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Austria’s presidential election re-run in coming December

On 4th of December, Austria will have their presidential election re-run with Alexander Van der Bellen, a Greens-backed independent, against Norbert Hofer, the far-right Freedom Party’s candidate.


Last May election had ended with Mr Van der Bellen beating Mr Hofer by a slim 50.3 to 49.7 percent margin. However, due to vote-counting irregularities and problems with postal vote count, Austria’s supreme court had ordered a re-run.


Latest polls now show that Hofer is winning by the narrowest of leads, and whichever candidate who wins over the 200,000 voters – who are still unsure of which candidate to vote for – will be the victor of this political election. Van der Bellen’s camp is also confident that their candidate can capitalise on the after-shocks of Trump’s victory.


Mr Hofer has remarked that, should he win, people “will be surprised about all the things that are possible” under his presidency.


Austria and the rest of Europe can say that they have been warned.


For Austrian voters, their main issues still remain unchanged: unemployment, Austrian-EU relation, the refugee crisis, as well as social and economic reforms.

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