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Foxhill House, the Law Building at the University of Reading

All about Law at Reading

Do you love Suits? Do you love powdery wigs and robes? Then you already know that Law is the choice for you. But what makes studying Law at Reading just so great? Here are a few things that you might want to consider when choosing Reading. 

You’ll spend your time at Foxhill House

Foxhill House, is the Law School’s building and it is an absolute historical delight; envy of the rest of the University. As the University of Reading was originally part of Oxford University, it is a little treasure compared to the other more modern looking buildings. The red bricks and architecture are of a Gothic revival style. Located right next to the lake you’ll have the best view of the entire campus. You’ll have all your tutorials in here and have practice moots in here. It has a great feel for your future prospects and you’ll feel right at home.

Employment/Work Experience Opportunities

A lot of really great opportunities arise from just being in Reading. We are just 30 minutes away from London and so the employability rate is quite high here. Many employers visit Reading for Careers Fairs and there are quite a lot of alumni which come visit and give presentations about their experience after graduating.

The Law School also offers quite a range of work experience opportunities here which allow students to take part in one to two week placements in a work environment. Work experience is a great way to get a taste of the kind of law or otherwise that you might be interested in working in. I’ve taken part in the scheme and got the chance to work in Oxford with a Law Publisher, I learned a lot from being in such an office environment and the publishing industry.

Being Part of the Law Community

Studying Law is large comparatively to other courses and has a great community of its own. With hundreds of students, you’ll find that you’ll share a lot of the same interests with many people. You’ll be making friends quite easily and the professors here are such a treat. I haven’t laughed so hard studying case law in a long time. A few of my favourite professors are those that you get the chance to meet in your first year like Christopher Newdick, Stuart Lakin, Nowrin Tamanna and Stephen Banks. They are all friendly, helpful and have a strong sense of charisma unrivalled by others.

Being part of the Law Society is also a really great way to feel included. The Law Society does a lot for the students like hosting socials, co-ordinating visit days to Law firms, inviting guest speakers, joining mooting activities and organizing the used book sale held at the beginning of the year.

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