NEW 30-minute Careers workshops!

NEW 30-minute Careers workshops!

Q&A with Careers Consultant Fiona Corby


In the first week of Summer Term 2022, the Careers Centre introduced our latest initiative: 30-minute workshops! I interviewed one of our Careers Consultants, Fiona Corby, to find out more.

Amelia: What can I expect from a 30-minute workshop?

Fiona: At a 30-minute workshop you will have the essential information. It’s likely to be less interactive with more opportunities for just taking in the information. Then going away and knowing what further resources you might need to refer to in order to find out more.

Amelia: What are the benefits of attending a 30-minute workshop over a 60-minute one?

Fiona: We’ve introduced them in response to students’ requirements and we realise that students are really, really busy. The advantage for the students is that you will only have to spend 30-minutes, you will get the essential information that you really need, and then we signpost you to more detailed information or further resources. So that means if you want to get started or introduced to a topic, it’s a really good starting place. Or if you need a refresher, 30-minutes will give you those triggers to remind you of the more in-depth content you’ve experienced in a 60-minute session. So, it’s going to save you time but you’ll make an impact with what you learn from the 30-minute session.

Amelia: What are the topics covered?

Fiona: If it’s ok I’ll just give you a few examples: we’ve got CV essentials, application form essentials, writing a cover letter, where to find graduate jobs, and there’s even a session for those feeling anxious about making a career choice. But this list will be updated from time to time, so do keep an eye out on our essentials pages on the website for more information.

Amelia: Who runs them?

Fiona: These bitesize 30-minute sessions are run by Careers Consultants, who also work in departments, but they are the people who deliver the sessions having spoken to recruiters so that we know we are up to date with the information we provide. These sessions are particularly designed for undergraduates and postgraduates. We sometimes get one or two employers running them as well, but primarily they are hosted by Careers Consultants from the Central Careers Team.

Amelia: Do I need to sign up beforehand?

Fiona: It’s not essential that you sign up beforehand but it would be advisable because some of the in-person sessions are going to be very popular. So to avoid disappointment you would be strongly advised to book your place via MyJobsOnline. Don’t forget by attending our sessions you will get accreditation for your RED Award, so that will help your professional development. Sometimes if you do sign up for something, I think it encourages you to attend and it stops you from forgetting because you have already made the commitment.

Amelia: Where do I go for a session?

Fiona: The majority of the bitesize sessions will be delivered online through the Careers 24/7 Blackboard organisation. However, one or two of them are likely to be presented face to face in a seminar room. You would be advised to check our website or MyJobsOnline for precise information.

Amelia: Where can I go if I still need help afterwards?

Fiona: If you find you’ve got more questions than you realised you might have as a result of coming to one of our sessions then that’s got to be a good thing. The Careers Consultants are available either on the first floor of the Carrington building, where we are located, so you can have an in person meeting here or if you prefer online then we can arrange a telephone appointment or Teams meeting. There are always Careers Consultants on duty Monday to Friday and we have a reduced service during University vacations. You are able to access our support and service for up to 2 years after graduating. So even if you are unsure, that’s a really good reason to come and see one of us and we’ll do our best to support you every step of the way.


You can access the full Summer Term Events programme, including the 30-minute workshops, on the Careers essentials webpage. If you would like to watch a video version of this interview you can find it in the Careers Instagram story highlight of the uor_studentlife Instagram account.

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