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Tom Misch at Reading Festival

Tom Misch brought all the chilled vibes this afternoon (Saturday) as he took the BBC/NME stage, turning the tent temporarily into a peaceful safe haven, a far cry from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the festival.

The mellow crowd were captivated by Misch’s presence, and it was n0t hard to see why; his music doesn’t try too hard to be something it is not, and is instead simple and artistic in its own right.

Tom made the performance a family affair when he brought out his sister Laura Misch on saxophone during track ‘Follow’, a move which goes to show Tom’s down-to-earth nature, despite his rapid rise to success.

His new single ‘South of the River’ fit seamlessly into the set, having already become top of Misch’s discography, despite its recent release. The crowd showed their approval by singing back each track, lyric by lyric.

He finished with his most upbeat number, ‘Watch Me Dance’, closing a calm and collected set. Misch goes down as proof that sometimes, less is definitely more.


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