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Superfood @ Reading Festival

Birmingham quartet Superfood opened their set on the NME stage by announcing that it was their first year at the festival; the eager crowd that had packed into the sweaty tent seem to suggest it was not all too soon.

Branded as ‘Britpop revivalists’, the band enthusiastically launched into track after track, both old and new.

As they announced their song ‘TV’, a cheer raised from the predominantly younger crowd; the take-home line of ‘I can never sleep/without the TV on’ is clearly a message that is easily relatable in these modern times.

Lead singer and guitarist Dom Ganderton introduced their brand new track, telling the audience, ‘If you want to dance to a song you have never heard before, this’ll be the one to do it to’.

The band closed the set with two fan-favourites: their debut single, ‘Double Dutch’, and the song that brought the band to life, ‘Superfood’. Ganderton’s dynamic guitar solo at the end summarised the overall spirit of the band’s live performance — energetic and fun, with just the right amount of mayhem.


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