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Spooky Halloween Music

Whether you’re planning a party for Halloween or just looking to spend another night alone in the dark, you need appropriate music to set the tone. Luckily I have some suggestions to give you suitable chills for either eventuality.

  1. Every night I dress up as you – Outfit
    Deliciously dark, but lively enough for background music in a sticky kitchen party. Say sticky kitchen really fast. You can find the old (good) one on Hypem.com
  2. 16 shades of black and blue – Fujiya & Miyagi
    Not to be confused with the misinformed BDSM trend, this track knows exactly how to get your heart racing without tacky gimmicks/ignoring your safeword.
  3. Lullabye – The Cure
    The ultimate whispering seduction. Interpret the lyrics however you want, ultimately this song is horror erotica.
  4. Lotion – Greenskeepers
    A catchy homage to The Silence of the Lambs. It downloads the song, or else it gets the hose again.
  5. Our Latest Catalogue – Circus Contraption
    Perfect, campy circus horror. Can’t recommend the entire album highly enough if you’re throwing an ACTUAL Halloween party. I’m looking at you mum.
  6. Die in a Fire – Living Tombstone
    FNAF has become so huge that people are even making music about it. Definitely good party music, angry but upbeat
    enough to jump around to.
  7. Spooky Scary Skeletons (Remix – Living Tombstone)
    Do I honestly have to say anything. If you don’t know the original, the internet has many treasures. Go seek them out my sweet summer child. Beware the /b/.
  8. Ghost – Mystery Skulls
    Video for this is mind blowing. Apparently while I’ve been inside all summer counting my ramen packets, people have been clubbing to this. If you haven’t been fortunate enough to get a pint spilled on you with this blasting, fix that.
  9. Magic – Mystery Skulls
    A bit lighter than Ghost but packs the same punch. The chorus is only one word, it’s basically “Happy” but about a foppish necromancer. So everybody wins really.
  10. Blood Kiss – Pogo
    If you don’t know this guy you really should. He takes samples from films (mostly Disney) and mashes them into catchy ear worms. This song is composed of samples from Swedish horror film “Let the right one in” and therefore isn’t as bouncy as the one he made from Up. Would probably be best for solo viewing.

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