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Photo credit to William Cole

Seratones Share Their Unique Sound

Seratones, consisting of four members: AJ Haynes, Connor Davis, Adam Davis and Jesse Gabriel, brought their own unique twist on rock and roll to Reading’s Festival Republic stage on Saturday at 3.15pm! This group, signed to Fat Possum in 2015, have a soulful, fun vibe to their music and this drew in quite a crowd at this years Reading Festival.

Formed out of Shreveport, Louisiana, this American rock and roll band released their debut album Get Gone earlier this year and it was a taste of this sound that festival goers were given yesterday. Fun and energetic, the performance of vocalist AJ Haynes was powerful and soulful. Her range is large and she made good use of every note, using her smooth tone to bring something soul-stirring to her performance. Pausing mid-set to take a shot of honey straight from the squeeze bottle, Haynes seemed to be aware of the strain of festival performances on the voice and took precautions to avoid such damage for yesterdays set! Connor Davis performed incredibly too, delivering impressive guitar solos and an energy to match the fun demeanour of Haynes.


Photo credit to William Cole

All four band members had the attitude to match the rock and roll image they have, and their sound has a unique flare, which definitely works in their favour. Performing their single “Chandelier”, Haynes told her audience, which had grown somewhat since the beginning of the set, “if you’ve got something to shake, you should!” The energy on the Festival Republic stage was fun, a little bit cheeky, and full of excitement. The band as a whole worked seamlessly together, putting forward an image of simplicity and enjoyment with their performances and while the Seratones set was short, it was worked at such a professional pace, one cannot help but wonder, not if, but when we’ll see this energetic and powerful four piece on Reading’s Main Stage.

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