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Reading Festival: More Than Music

Festivals are predominantly all about the celebration of music, but what happens if music is not completely your thing? Well you are in luck – Reading Festival is offering way more than a bank holiday weekend of music and you will be spoilt for choice…

Alternative Stage – Comedians

So maybe music is not your main bag, but you much prefer a bit of comedy? Reading Festival have a seriously impressive line up of comedians, consisting of some big names. Russell Howard, one of the UK’s biggest comedians, will be gracing the stage, as well as returner Bill Bailey and prankster Lee Nelson. Joel Dommett, a regular at Mojo’s Comedy Nights in relation with Comedy Central, will also be joining these big names.

Kurupt FM will also be on the Alternative Stage, which is very exciting! Kurupt FM originated on YouTube and then evolved into a BBC3 hit show, ‘People Just Do Nothing’. This is essentially a mockumentary about a group of lads hosting a pirate radio station. They will be bringing their ‘Champagne Steam Rooms’ to Reading Festival – if you are unaware what this is you definitely need to watch their BBC3 series! The Champagne Steam Rooms will definitely not be an event to be missed.

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Late Night Films

The Film Oxford Cinema Tent will be airing movies and undiscovered shorts throughout the Festival, which will give everyone a well deserved break from head-banging, screaming your heart out and moshing. If you missed the recent releases of ‘Jurassic World’, ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’, ‘Deadpool’ and ‘Grimsby’ then you are in luck because these are all being shown.


Over in the Orange Campsite, you can take a break from festival life and do a spot of shopping. ‘The Supermarket’ is full of food, drink and other festival essentials which you may find yourself caught short of. You can head over to their website (http://www.readingfestival.com/news/pop-shop-reading) and view the list of items that ‘The Supermarket’ contains. You can pretty much find yourself anything, from a Pain Au Chocolat to Batteries. It is extremely useful for any mishaps, so you are able to replace items like tents, sleeping bags and air beds. Handy!

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