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Gig Review: Honeyblood

Taking to the stage in front of a medley of a crowd, ranging from the young rock-fans to the older gig-seasonnaires, Honeyblood announce how it is their first time visiting Reading (despite their ‘right of passage’ trip to Reading Festival in 2014); immediately giving the crowd something to prove.

As they broke into the heavy guitar and pounding drum opening to ‘Justine, Misery Queen’, the obvious softening of an initially slightly skeptical (but open-minded) crowd was apparent; as the space between people started to fill, so did the apprehensive atmosphere. What followed was an intimate show with a big impact, with radio-favourites such as ‘Braid Burn Valley’, as well as the entirety of their new album ‘Babes Never Die’. The mood was electric, like the guitars, but relaxing: think big time rock production meets small hidden-away festival tent.

The band themselves were a delight to even the most hardened of hearts. Laughing and joking with the crowd, Stina and Cat metaphorically lowered the height between the stage and the crowd-floor, gaining the faith of the crowd and showing fondness in return; any hint of apprehension had faded away, as the band and crowd enjoyed a better than average Thursday night.

The song ‘Killer Bangs’ rounded off the set, and was a definite highlight of the gig; a catchy song with multiple key chains that’ll have you humming the tune in the shower for days to come. Overall, the gig proved that the bands visit to Reading was worth the wait; anyone who attended this gig through the off-chance of seeing some decent live-music, left phone in hand, scrolling through Honeyblood’s Spotify, eager to find out more about the band behind their new commute-to-work playlist.

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