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Photo Credit: Will Cole

George, Tom and Hugh – a.k.a. The Novellas

Portsmouth based band Novella sat down with me at the annual Oxjam Festival to discuss the latest. Although not heavy, the Novellas have a big sound and are far ahead on the road to success. The band which focus themselves on guitar music from the mid-sixties had a one stop gig in Reading to which they rocked the stage in Purple Turtle. Tom, the bass guitarist, who would love to play alongside Prince added “It’s nice to come to Reading, the scene in Portsmouth is quite small”. The band which is made up of 3 young men, George, Tom and Hugh. ‘Although we are a 3 piece we like to have a big stadium stand.’

Their set list on the evening included both songs that came out on their Album, ‘Double A-side’ last February alongside a bunch of new songs that have been unreleased and take it from us, they are ones to be looked out for. Our favourite was one of their new songs called ‘Chambers’, which was inspired by an 1800s love story.

The backlash from their current songs was great, Novellas was even included on ‘BBC introducing’ after sending their content to the BBC just 24 hours before. The crowd was immensely impressed with their performance; their brand new unheard songs will be coming up in the future just after they take a short break. 2016 has been jampacked for the Novellas which has involved them touring the UK every week for the latter half of the UK whilst also writing lots of new content. They plan to make a comeback as ‘a bigger, better band’.

After making it into a review of the top 20 bands at Camden Rocks the Novellas have not stopped. The highlight of their 2016 so far was playing at a big festival called Victorious in Portsmouth and a few days after headlined at a festival in Hertfordshire. They couldn’t tell us exactly what we can expect from them within the next year but after hearing a preview of some of their new songs it’s something to look forward to.

We’d like to thank the Novellas for talking to us, be sure to keep in contact with Novellas via Facebook (NovellasUK) and also on other social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and most importantly check them out on Spotify – you won’t regret it!

Photo Credit: Will Cole

Photo Credit: Will Cole

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