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Expensive mic lost in crowd after Sundara Karma’s illegal crowdsurf

Sundara Karma showed the crowd how not to behave by breaking the rules during their set this afternoon (Saturday).

Reading Festival implements a strict ‘no crowd-surfing’ policy, but lead vocalist Oscar ‘Lulu’ Pollock dived straight into fans whilst performing ‘Vivienne’ to a packed out NME tent.

Lulu’s actions weren’t without consequences however; later on in the set, he announced: “I lost one of these box thingy’s [referring to a piece of expensive sound equipment] over there somewhere. If you find it can you give it back? Otherwise I’ll have to pay for it.”

This illegal action could have ended with serious injury, with posters around the festival claiming the move could ‘pose a serious risk to others’ as well as the crowd surfer himself.

The rest of Sundara Karma’s set followed in a similar theme of mayhem, with the crowd going wild for the Reading natives.

Lulu slowed down the bands set in the second to last song, introducing track ‘Happy Family’ as :”a song to reflect to. A slow one for all the ex wives and husbands.”

Their performance comes just months after they performed at Reading University’s own 3Sixty, to a crowd of adoring student fans.




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