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Photo credit to William Cole

Are Cassetteboy the most Alternative Act of Reading 2016?

The irreverence of the satirical set put on by Cassetteboy yesterday on the Alternative stage is, quite frankly, a forerunner for the most alternative moment here at Reading Festival 2016! Taking a stab at DJ’s, politicians, TV personalities, Royals and musicians alike, this is one act that pushes away from the normality of stand up comedy and the seriousness of the music business.

The musicians/comedians behind Cassetteboy have been working on their own style of comedy since they formed in the mid-1990’s for a hobby, at first making mix-tapes but soon moving into comedy. Taking samples from popular shows and political events, among other things, this duo create hilarious parodies of their subjects and yesterday showcased just that!


Photo credit to William Cole

It is safe to say that no one was safe from the attack when Cassetteboy thought up this set, with parodies of David Cameron, Nigel Farage, Borris Johnson, Theresa May, Queen Elizabeth II, Alan Sugar and countless others making up the bulk of the set. The clever use of multimedia and vocal dubbing provides a fresh take on comedy here at Reading, and the over the top costumes and props definitely added to their appeal, however, the set did feel forced in some areas, perhaps due to the repetitive nature of their material. This being said, Cassettboy definitely managed to pull it out of the bag, and each time the audience began to lag, they pulled another outlandish stunt to match the last, demanding the audience stayed engaged.

From throwing sweets at audience members, to referencing the infamous PigGate fiasco of 2015 and discussing the recent EU referendum, there was nothing these guys wouldn’t touch! Pairing Jeremy Clarkson’s anger issues with “Eye of the Tiger” and Theresa May’s plans as Prime Minister with “Every Breath You Take” are just samples of the hilarity that ensues when these guys take to the stage and they definitely proved themselves to be one of the top moments at Reading Festival 2016!

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