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5 Podcasts You Should Be Listening to Right Now

The popularity in podcasts over the past couple of years has sky rocketted. In 2016, the popularity and awareness of podcasts in American reached to 55%, where before less than half didn’t even know what a podcast was. Podcasts are free, interesting and you can always find at least one series to suit you. The sheer genuis and hard work that is put into every podcast episode and series is something that should be praised and respected. For someone who does not have the slightest clue on where to start however, here are some starter podcasts that everyone should listen too at least once, just to understand what the hype is about.

My Dad Wrote A Porno

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As weird enough as it sounds, the title of this podcast really does what it says on the tin. This podcast, which is now waiting on its third series, features Jamie Norton reading his fathers’ erotic novel to his friends James Cooper and BBC Radio One DJ Alice Levine. The novel seires, Belinda Blinked is an actual book you can buy on iTunes as well as the new book that has been created for the podcast. Its been a couple of months since I finished the second season and I miss it so much. Who knew, listening to a man reading his father’s erotic novel, which is horribly written, would be so hilarious. Seriously, I can’t stress how much everyone should be listening to this.


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For any podcats veteran, this is an obvious mention. However I have to put it in here for anyone who hasn’t ever heard of this series before. Serial, a two series podcast that has won so many awards, is probably one of the reasons why podcasts have become so popular over the past years. Hosted by Sarah Koenig, each series focuses on a true crime story. Koenig presents a unbiased, perfect journalistic outlook on each case and lets you make your own judgement on them. The first series focuses on the murder of 18 year old Hae Min Lin and whether her convicted ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed, is responisble for the murder. The second focusesa solider captuered by the Taliban, Bowe Bergdah who walked off his post and is currently being charged for military crimes. The podcast is enticing and addictive. I’m praying Koenig to release a third series because her and her team are pure genius.

If you have actually listened to all of Serial and wish to hear something like this, check out podcast series Up And Vanished and Criminal. Both go along the same crime theme, are different but still enticing as Serial.

 The Guilty Feminist

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My older sister actually told me about this podcast saying ‘I once thought that being a feminist was stupid and not cool, but they made it funny and accessible, and it is SO IMPORTANT to educate our girls our age’. Even if I was slightly annoyed that she wasn’t a feminist before, she’s right about the postcast. Comedian Deborah Frances-White dicuss topics every week with guests that ‘all 21st century feminists agree on’. With topics like crying, anger and saying sorry too much, Frances-White record every show in front of a live audience. The podcast is funny and true, it makes you feel better about not always being a feminist. You don’t need to listen in any order, but it is something that every one suld be aware of, especially with the current politcal situation in America.

No Such Thing As A Fish

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You know that really famous quiz show QI? No Such Thing As A Fish features the team who are responsible for finding the facts for a show. One epsiode can tell you that we landed on the moon before we had the barcode, there is a hashtag on twitter called #zookeeperproblems and Agatha Christie was once turned away from a party that was for her honor. The quality of the podcast is a bit iffy a times but you find out so many random facts, in a sit down and relaxed atomosphere that the team create that you can listen to any epsiode at any time and still be surprised at the end of it.

The Bugle

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Hosted by Andy Zaltzman, and previously with John Oliver, this podcast is a satire on the latest international news stories that are worth commenting on. With guest hosts from all around the country including Wyatt Cenac, Hari Kondabolu and his sister Helen Zaltzman, the podcast helps you understand more the messed up world that we live in. With episodes lasting from 30-50 minutes, its a podcast to help you laugh at everything that is going wrong right now.

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