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What to pack for uni

Becoming a Fresher, finding out what halls you’re in and searching for your new flatmates on Facebook can be really exciting. Trawling shops to look for the cheapest sets of pans or coat hangers – not so much.  

Packing for uni can be quite confusing and somewhat tedious, so we’ve put together a list of some of the basics and sourced some suggestions to help you out.


Buying a set of kitchen items will often work out much cheaper than getting things individually, although if you’re living in one of the newer halls, you need to make sure you get the right pans as some have fancy induction hobs. Try looking in TK Maxx or Sainsbury’s.

You’re going to need lots of mugs and glasses, too. Ikea’s great for these – they sell mugs as cheap as 35p (yes, really!) and their flamingo print glasses are great value at only 50p.

One thing that isn’t essential but is definitely worth purchasing is a George Foreman Grill. It’s not just for grilling chicken – you can make toasted sandwiches and delicious grilled halloumi on it as well, so you’ll end up using it all the time.

20 Piece Kitchen Essentials Starter Set, £19.99


5 Piece Utensils Set, £7.99


12 Piece Porcelain Dinner Set, £6.49


Cutlery Set – 16 Piece, £5.00


Can Opener, £3.89


Glass Roasting Dish, £4


Dishwashing Brush, 90p


Set of 5 Tea Towels, £4.89


Drinking Glass, Flamingo Print, 50p each


Mugs, 35p  each


Colander, £1.70


George Foreman 2 person Grill, £14.99



This is your little sanctuary from all the hustle and bustle of uni; it’s where you’ll retreat to when you’re feeling homesick, hungover or just plain tired! So as well as filling it with all the necessities, make sure you bring lots of photos and cosy cushions, and choose a duvet cover that brightens up the room.

Watermelon Duvet Set, £12 for a Double Duvet Set


Geometric Print Single Duvet Set, £13


Novelty Cushion, £9


Clothes Airer, £10.39


Laundry Basket, £3.99


30 Plastic Hangers, £9.99


Star Print Short Dressing Gown, £12.00



You probably haven’t even thought about loo-roll, but if you’re parents take you to the supermarket before they go then buy lots, as you can never have enough and when it comes to later in the term you’ll want to save your money for other things and not be splashing it on Andrex.

Don’t forget all your favourite shower lotions and potions, plus the essential toiletries you need, too.

6 Piece Towel Bale, £13.59


Toilet Rolls, £5 (for 16)


Toiletries – toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, soap, tampons, etc.


Best Shops For Buying Uni Stuff:

  • Amazon
  • Argos
  • Asda
  • Primark
  • Poundland
  • Ikea

Top Tips:

  • Buy bulky items like printers and alcohol when you get to Reading
  • Go to the supermarket before your parents leave
  • Check what your halls already provides (they usually have toasters and kettles)
  • Bring a jar of £1 coins for the washing machines and buses
  • Freshers flu is real so to put together a box of medicine (Lemsip, Sudafed, etc.)
  • Cheap and cheerful is your motto – buy everything from value ranges

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