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What they don’t tell you about leaving uni…

Words by Nia Dalton,  3rd Year BA English Language and Applied Linguistics 

Post-uni blues: the good, the bad and the ugly

University is some of the best years of your life. Three years of freedom, friendships and a whole lot of achievements! But after all the hard work is over, and the celebrating comes to an end, what actually happens next?  

Grad Ball was a laugh, Summer Ball went off with a bang, and Graduation was one of the proudest days of your life … but what about the day after? You are no-longer a student, yet you don’t want to be a fully-fledged adult either. It’s that transition that no-one told you existed.  

So, let’s talk about the post-uni taboo, and prepare ourselves for what’s to come.  

The good 

  1. You won’t have to revise or write essays on weekends! You can actually enjoy bank holidays. 
  1. You’ve grown up a lot. You know what you do and don’t like, and you can make your own choices. 
  1. You’ve now got friends all over the country. It’s time to get visiting them! 

The bad 

  1. You no-longer have academic terms, or school holidays. 
  1. You start to get taxed. Goodbye student loan, and hello ‘real-life’ finances. 
  1. All of your friends are at different stages. Some are in their dream jobs, others are getting married, and you’re … unemployed and moving back with your parents. 

The ugly 

  1. You move out and never go back. What was once your home, will never be home again.  
  1. You suddenly stop seeing your best friends every day, and it sucks. 
  1. You get declined from a whole lot of jobs. 
  1. You lose a lot of your independence and freedom.  

Even with the bad and the ugly, university was definitely worth it. Will you miss it like crazy? YES. But, leaving university is just the next chapter in life. Frame your graduation photo, treasure all the memories, and know that there are more experiences and opportunities to come. No-one really knows how to survive adult life. We will all experience the post-uni blues together! 

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