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Credit to Ari Carrington

Tony Moly Sheet Mask Review

I’ve seen, as I’m sure you have, the whole internet going mad for sheet masks over the last few months. The reviews are generally positive, and they’re supposed to bring whole new levels of hydration and glow to your face.

Tony Moly masks are one I’ve particularly noticed, and they’re generally said to be fantastic so I decided to purchase some for myself. Things started strong – you can get the whole range of 11 masks for about £12 on Amazon (with Prime delivery!). That’s just over £1 a mask! Very affordable for a once-a-week skin treat.

First, I chose the “skin purifying” sheet mask to try, as I have been breaking out lately. I cleansed first, and my skin was clean and clear going in. What came out of the packet is similar to wet papier-mâché – soggy and flimsy and ridiculously tricky to unfold, but I got there in the end and slapped it on my face, at which point it was obvious that the eye, nose and mouth holes did not line up with my face.

Credit to Ari Carrington

This mask does not taste good.

You can’t move, at all, once you’ve got it in the right position. It will slip and you’ll taste it a second time which you do not want. It’s awkward so I only wore it for 20 minutes (it recommends 20-30). Pulling it off, I looked it the mirror, expecting a clear, glowing, and hydrated face.

Disappointingly however, my face looked dull and I had more blackheads than before. How? My skin felt nice to the touch, and the slight dry skin around my nose was reduced, but overall, it was not in any better shape than before. 0/10.

That said, I still have the other 10 masks in the range left to try. Maybe it’s just the purifying one that’s a dud, and the brightening mask or the hydrating mask will turn out to be great. But after this, I don’t have high hopes. I’m sorry to say, I cannot and do not recommend the purifying mask.

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