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Admit it, you’ve either: got it, tried it on a friend’s phone, had it and deleted it, or been curious about it. That’s not even including whether you found a relationship through it, yet somehow Tinder seems to seep into everyone’s pocket.  

First of all, what’s so bad about it? Personally, I don’t see it as a dating app, nor do I see it as a hookup app, it’s just a great way for people to meet new people and actually start conversations – it’s a tool for people to connect and socialise, not always sexually. Of course it crosses lines in terms of vanity in all users but that is actually a really important part when it comes to attraction, whether someone seems genuine or not. When you match, then you can see if there is a mental attraction, but that’s quite tricky if you never end up meeting the person on the other side, guy or girl.

You might be using it for a hookup, a date for a specific occasion, or even just someone to talk to; Tinder allows you to do all of that. There are parts that can be PG and those that are a little bit more risqué, and depending on how you message, that will determine what you receive.

For some of my friends, it’s worked a charm. There have been really wonderful success stories; some of my friends met their partners through it, and have been together for two and four years, so Tinder isn’t all pointless. Tinder helps create opportunity, after all; it uses your location and allows you the chance to meet someone new within your area and being proximate is a whole lot better than meeting in a city you don’t know and have never been to.

It will be typical for users to feel nervous because there have been some ‘horror stories’. Worst case scenario is that the guy or girl has a dubious past, but you can clear that up over small talk in person, or if you find that out before meeting, then you can simply forget about them. That’s not to say you shouldn’t take precautions when meeting someone offline. The choice to continue is in your hands, literally, and if you’re that paranoid then you can escape – you can unmatch in as quickly as one touch on your device and they’re gone, deleted from all your files and will never show up in your discovery again. See: safe. Also, don’t sucker into peer pressure, just because your friend found someone through a friend and that sounds like a real wholesome relationship, doesn’t mean that your tinder date isn’t; it just means you had to use another channel to find someone of interest and that is perfectly acceptable. Two thirds of relationships are now the result of online dating or dating apps anyway, so you’re just joining the bunch!

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