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Words by Imogen Mason-Evans and Sophie Gibbons

As fans of The Jam Jar Revolution’s principal publishing will know, Collins Dictionary announced ‘single-use’ as the word of 2018, citing that it has seen a “four-fold increase” in use since 2013. The word is most often associated with plastic and packaging but refers ultimately to any item that is intended to be disposed of after first use. Our Jam Jar Revolution hopes to squash the villainy of single-use and champion ‘re-use’ as the word of 2019 by rescuing glass jam jars from the dreaded never-to-be-taken piles for the bottle bank and putting them back into good use 

One month on since our previous call to action, the war on waste wages on. We, the environmentally conscious snowflakes of the world, with the help of our friends the noble jam jars have won the first battle in the revolution against ‘single-use’ with reusable jam jar food hacks that satisfy stomachs, hearts and our dear planet Earth. Now we are moving our fight from the kitchen to the bedroom with jam jar homeware.  

To join our revolution, all you need to do is wash out and keep your glass jars and bottles then apply them to one of our handy home hacks. What’s the best thing about reusing glass jars in your home decorations, you ask? As your style changes, simply empty/wash the glass and use again. Reduce, reuse, restyle 


The easiest and most obvious reuse and restyle: jam jars make the perfect storage container for makeup brushes, pens or even accessories. Remember, just because they start their life clear doesn’t mean you can’t add some ‘war paint’ so unleash that creative flare and decorate with paints, ribbon, lace or even stickers.  


Take the previous hack one step further, taller jars such as sauce jars or glass bottles can make for the perfect flower vases. Better yet, bring the outdoors in permanently and make your own tiny garden by filling empty jars with soil and cuttings from the garden.   


Fill a jar with a strip or battery powered fairy lights and let it softly light your bedroom. Group multiple jars together on your desk for a concentrated light source or spread them across your bedroom for softer mood lighting. Don’t forget to try coloured lights!  

Piggy Bank 

Save your money and the planet! Drop your spare coins into an empty jar and resist the temptation until it’s full – the taller the jar, the more money you save! 

Memory Jar 

University is all about making memories, keep yours safe by storing souvenirs like fresher’s wristbands, ticket stubs and your lucky exam pen in a decorated glass jar. Or why not get your housemates to write down their favourite university memories so far then wait until graduation day before you look again together… reduce, reuse, re-live? 

Scent Diffuser 

Sick of that damp student house smell? Welcome the fresh feels of a naturally fragranced room by raiding your cupboards and filling a jar with your favourite citrus fruits, spices, herbs and extracts then simply topping up with water. Unlike the momentary self-care connoisseur vibes you get from drinking lemon infused water the morning after union, these sweet scents will last weeks. 

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