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The Importance of Volunteering: How Helping Others Can Also Help You

Call me a dreamer (per John Lennon), but for the world to live as one, we must help each other out; and if you’re not Bill Gates, here is how you can start.

One step at a time:

In my country, France, timetables are packed, so when I arrived here, I found myself with plenty of free time. The cliché of the selfish student thinking only of partying is not entirely true as I dedicate a large part of my time to studies and personal work, with a little partying when I wanted to let my hair down, but I still found myself with time to do more.

With countless charities, it is impossible to donate to all of them, especially when you’re a student, but what you can give is your time and dedication.

Quite frankly, I did not intend to volunteer when I came to England, but volunteering found me. I became invested in helping others and creating something fun.

Where should you volunteer?

The choice of what you get involved in is serious, like Einstein serious. I have always been someone who would not do something out of obligation, yet I would put out endless hours if the cause interested me. Lucky for you, RUSU has numerous options and you will find something to suit you.

Why volunteer?

It is another way to socialise, to meet people you wouldn’t normally encounter, and to give back to society. Also, helping others will help you.

Firstly, it will look good on your CV. With the job market right now, you need every little thing to help you stand out from the crowd. Perhaps you have heard of the RED Award scheme. If not, check it out; it helps you set some goals if you are unsure on how to start.

When you help people — even if it isn’t the main goal, and maybe this is a little selfish, but — you will feel good about yourself. A little goes a long way, and, ultimately, giving is always rewarding.

Volunteering makes me happy, and it would be truly wonderful if France were to have such volunteering schemes in place.


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