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Credited to Ari Carrington

The Best of Beauty Advent Calendars

Screw boring chocolate advent calendars: a countdown of makeup is the real way to build up to the Christmas hype, crafting your ultimate Christmas look as you go. Sure, they cost a fair bit more, but you’re getting something that’s really worth the money. We’ve compiled the ultimate list of the best calendars out there, factoring in something that no other beauty advent calendar ranking does: cost. We’re students; we need maximum content for minimum money, and some of these calendars will deliver exactly that. We’ve also only focused on full-length calendars – what’s the point in an advent Calendar that doesn’t take you from December 1st to Christmas morning?

Available from Superdrug, Revolution is providing 25 FULL SIZE products for £40. That’s not bad already, but it’s on sale at the moment for £30, so snap it up! Even better, not only are the products all full size, but you get one of their eyeshadow palettes. Revolution are insanely good at eyeshadow palettes – I swear by them for just about everything.
Downsides: it’s a bit fragile – I don’t think it will travel home well. The packaging is cute but simple, and the outer packaging has a picture of everything you’re going to get. Way to ruin the surprise! But, this is something a lot of the beauty calendars do.
None of the others on the list come close to being as awesome as this one, and the full size products make up for the price being a little higher. Grab it while it’s still on sale!


Credited to Ari Carrington

Credited to Ari Carrington

#2 TECHNIC <£20
Also available from Superdrug and currently half price, this is an insanely adorable little cube of products.
The products themselves aren’t fantastic; they’re very reminiscent of year 7 sleepovers, with foam toe separators and gaudy nail colours. Nonetheless, there is a real range in there.
And for £10 (sale price), you can’t go wrong.

I don’t know much about the quality of the products as I haven’t encountered this brand before. But, there’s a good range and some great colours, with a few cheesier bits thrown in.
Even better is a choice of design – cute and classic or amazing neon pink Christmas shapes.
I’d say for the price that this is on a par with the Technic cube; the cube is slightly cuter, but the products in this look pretty good.

This one’s slightly different, because it’s all soaps and bathing, but it’s adorable, and the soaps look amazing. It’s what I wanted the Lush advent calendar to be; it’s what the Lush advent calendar isn’t.
Cute and sweet for pampered Christmas bathing.

#5 W7 <£20
Currently on sale at Fragrance Direct.
W7’s products aren’t bad and it’s an advent calendar that captures fashionista Christmas in an image.
The products inside are all very pink. That’s great in my books, but for those who like their beauty a little less Barbie, there’s basically nothing for you in there. Three days of pure glitter is definitely upping its score, though.

#6 FLUTTER <£12
Similar to the Technic cube, but with not as good packaging (although Christmas pugs are definitely awesome); this is also half off at Superdrug at the moment.
There’s less variety in the products than the Technic, but similar quality. A lot of those crap sponge eyeshadow brushes that no one in their right mind uses.

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