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Take a Mindful Break

Give your brain a break. Here are some mindful break ideas to help you get the most out of your free time.  

Short Breaks (10 – 30 mins) 

  • Listen to relaxing nature sounds (e.g. rainfall, waves).  
  • Listen to themed ambience sounds (e.g. busy café, library).  
  • Close your eyes and listen to your surroundings; be present in the moment.  

Medium Breaks (30 mins – 1 hour 30 mins) 

  • Take a walk notice your environment. 
  • Read a book.  
  • Do a random act of kindness.  

Big Breaks (more than 1 hour 30 mins) 

  • Do something creative that requires a lot of focus (e.g. make a gift, learn how to sew).  
  • Attend a mindfulness workshop. 
  • Visit a restaurant or café with a friend or family member. Enjoy yourself! 


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Living consciously whilst trying to enjoy the smaller, simpler pleasures of life with a dash of spice. BSc Environmental Science with Professional Experience.

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