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Spring-Summer fashion trends and predictions

While the start of the year can feel gloomy and miserable, the evenings are beginning to last that little bit longer now and it won’t be long until we see spring/summer starting to arrive. 


With the turn of the new decade it’s the perfect excuse to try out new fashion trends and experiment with your look this spring/summer. So here are the spring/summer fashion trends and predictions for 2020 to give you some inspiration.   


Neon tops, dresses, trousers, skirts, hairbands, makeup, you name it, neon is everywhere this year.  It can be applied subtly to add a little extra to your outfit or can be a statement neon piece for a rave or festival.  This trend will be seen everywhere this year.   


Puffed sleeves is also a new favourite for a lot of big fashion brands, with it being seen all over the runways in the forms of tops and dresses, you’ll slowly start to find this trend in most high street stores. 


Hair slides– weather it be pearls, flowers or diamantes, hair slides are everywhere and will be the staple spring/summer accessory this year.  They’re perfect for adding that extra something to help dress up an outfit and also keep your hair out of your face whilst still looking glam.   


Wrapped ankles– If you’ve been keeping an eye on Instagram lately you may have notices that several fashion companies have been tying their sandal and heel straps around their trousers.   


Sheer layers– This is the perfect compromise for those who love to layer during the winter but can’t during the summer months due to risk of overheating.  Adding sheer layers to your outfit, such as a sheer shirt over a cute bralette or vest top is the perfect fashion statement to create a chic and sophisticated look that looks effortless whilst on. 


Crochet was popular several years back and is back again for spring/summer 2020.  The perfect piece with shorts and layered necklaces or over the top of a swimsuit whilst on the beach.   

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