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London Fashion Week: Fashion Scout

London fashion week is not only one of the most prestigious fashion showcases in the world, but it is renowned for presenting up and coming designers with a platform for exposure. 

‘Fashion Scout’, a one day event at London’s Freemasons Hall, hand picks collections of innovative and interesting designers, deemed to be the ‘ones to watch’ for the coming year. The last event of the day was a showcase by California-born Candice Cuoco (AKA CCuoco), whose Autumn/Winter collection was entitled Definition.

CCuoco is known for her dramatic pieces, which often include exaggerated geometric shapes alongside fierce colours and theatrical accessories. As the head designer, she has often described her collections to be formations of “beauty and darkness”, and this certainly translated into her catwalk show.

There was a continuous use of leather throughout the collection, alongside strong A-line skirts and sharp cuts. Many of the outfits which were showcased were two-pieces, giving the models a feminine vibe, despite the toughness of the garments.

The heavy materials used were of strong, dominant hues, including scarlet, reflective gold, bottle green and deep black. This feisty attitude within the collection was not only attractive but also intriguing.

The striking models were covered in decadent accessories, including nose rings and jeweled headpieces, giving the Definition showcase a strong sense of the exotic. Their heavily kholed eyes paired with harsh, gelled, black hair produced a sense of mystery within the collection, and certainly accentuated CCuoco’s aims of “beauty and darkness.”

It was evident that Candice Cuoco’s collection intended to immediately capture the audience’s attention and break the contemporary expectations of fashion.

The audience sat enchanted as the mysterious models showcased the outlandish collection which was set to a soundtrack of dark tribal music, adding to the enigmatic feeling of the evening.

As Candice appeared for the final catwalk of the night, it was evident that she had transferred her own style into the collection. Her long dark hair and oversized leather jacket proved that she too holds an air of both attitude and mystery.

Overall, the evening was certainly an interesting watch: CCuoco’s Definition collection was like nothing I have seen before and certainly contrasted with the current UK fashion trends. Perhaps this exotic fierceness is something that will be transferred into high-street fashion later this year.

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