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Lipsticks for the lazy: ELF Day to Night Lipstick Duo Review

One of my first tentative purchases from online makeup retailer e.l.f was the Day to Night lipstick duo.


First let’s talk price: what you’re getting for the cost of three snakebites (or £6) are two lipsticks in complimentary colours, with gorgeous colour quality and texture, a rare combination for such a price. Bear in mind this is an online retailer so if you’re looking to try these out, I’d recommend getting together with friends to do a group order. With orders of £25 or more, you get free shipping and sometimes a free gift! And if you need another reason to go for e.l.f products, they are vegan and cruelty-free.


If like me, you’re the kind of person who relentlessly changes their outfit throughout the day to mix things up, this product is perfect for you. The day colour scheme offers bright and vibrant colours, transitioning to darker hues for night time.  The lipsticks themselves are smaller than your standard size lipstick but this, combined with the price, means if you bring it with you on a night out, you won’t be too distressed at potentially losing it. Although, personally I guard these lipsticks with my life.

The two lipstick duos I bought were The Best Berries and Red Hot Reds. The berries are a lovely compliment to those spring/summer looks. The reds are very old Hollywood glamour with a bright ruby red paired with a sexy, rich maroon. The night colours on these two particular duos are admittedly very similar. Regardless of this, I can’t fault the texture – a rich, creamy lipstick that actually feels like it’s doing your lips some good. The colour itself will stay on your lips for a long time. Top ups will be kept to a minimum although you will see a lot of transfer onto other surfaces i.e. coffee cups, your food, your friends…
Overall, you’re looking at bold lipsticks with stunning colour that won’t break the bank. To best take care of your lips, I would suggest a good lip scrub beforehand. And as luck would have it, e.l.f do one of those too.

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