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Kenzo x H&M

Every year, the high street brand H&M launches a collaborative collection designed by one of the most sought after designers. It was announced earlier in 2016 that the fashion house, Kenzo, will be co-designing pieces for the autumn release. The collection includes a wide range for both men and women, set with clothing and accessories for each. Men can choose from t-shirts, shirts, trousers, caps/beanies, a jumpsuit and chunky boots whereas women have a few more items like blouses, skirts and dresses as well as some jewellery pieces. Kenzo brand is notorious for its tiger motif so it was expected for that theme to be embezzled throughout, which it was. The designers Carol Lim and Humberto Leon stuck to the inspiration of ‘jungle’ prints, another key staple for the brand, to bring us tiger-striped and cheetah spots tops and shirts.

A few days before the release to the general public they held a fashion show where the whole collection was debuted. Lots of celebrities turned up like Chance the Rapper, Iman and Lupita Nyong’o who all showed us how they wear the clothes in their own style. Since the release it had been seen on the likes of Chris Brown and Ryan Lawry (an X Factor finalist), reinforcing the reason for why H&M do a collaboration every year, to allow everyone to have designer brands at affordable prices.

Seeing that we’re students, the whole ‘affordable’ claim may not apply to us as the prices can be as high as £149.99 for a dress and £19.99 for three pairs of socks, which isn’t necessarily cheap.

Seeing the demand for the collection last year when H&M teamed up with Balmain, this year’s collaboration hasn’t done as well as there are still items available on the website even though it was released weeks ago. I remember looking at the website last year and in a couple days everything was sold out but now, you can still get a few of the key items they launched.

In all, the launch may not have been as successful as previous ones, but it was one to really give the unique fashion house’s key themes to the high street.

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