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Evie Padbury and Jodie Harwood outside The Amazons. Credit to Emer Scully.

Is festival fashion all about being ‘as naked as possible’?

The crowds at this festival are full of fashionistas who just somehow know exactly what to wear, from glitter and flower crowns, to absolutely nothing.

Festival fashion is all about wearing a little as possible to one reveller, and to others? It’s about being as outrageous as possible without being judged.

Speaking to festival-goers as they meandered through the grounds towards various stages one thing is clear: the fashion here is different.

Gone are the work shirts, sensible trousers, and ankle killer heels. In its place is a world of glitter, space buns, and wacky sunglasses.

Nena Nurbhai, Max Wou Smith, Nicola Williams, and Holly Morton. Credit: Emer Scully.

Holly Morton and Nicola Williams are both 21 and from Stevenage. Max Wou Smith and his friend Nena Nurbhai were so taken with Holly’s pink slit flowing trousers they just had to stop and let her know.

This is something never before heard of in the real world; but here, smiling faces, compliments, and ‘outrageous’ fashion is the norm.

Holly Morton, said: “Festival fashion is about wearing whatever makes you happy. We’ve all just met; they said they liked my trousers.

“I got these glasses from boontown for £15.”

Max Wou Smithis wearing white shorts, prayer beads, 60s style sunglasses, and not much else.

He said, “I love it because in a festival I feel like I fit in. Outside festivals, people don’t like what I wear.

“They don’t think it’s appropriate, because it’s just being naked, as naked as possible.

“If I wore this outside of a festival, you get judged. I would wear it, but I would get judged.”

Most of those who are best dressed here today (Friday) have been here since Thursday, and some even Wednesday, which means this morning involved the classic getting ready in a tent shuffle.

Holly, added: “Getting ready in a tent is so hot. I sweat it off but by the end of it I don’t even care. I use makeup primer so it’s usually all right.”

Taylor Fishing, 23, Hannah Wilson, 23, and Georgia Long, 22, are all from Reading and in love with ‘outragous’ festival style.

This group of girls are all in their twenties and sum up festival fashion in five words. When asked what festival fashion means to them, they all chimed in: “Festival fashion is outgoing, full of colour, head turning, and daring.”

They even revealed their shopping secrets, and where the best online stores for festival essentials are. They added: “We shop at Motel Bar, Pretty Little Thing, and ASOS.

“We love festival fashion, the more out there the better: you can’t wear the stuff you wear at a festival in real life.

“You can’t be too overdressed here. Whatever you wear is great, but the more outrageous you are the better it is. You’ve just got to go for it.”


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